Maine Festival of American Music 2015 Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village
 The Maine Festival of American Music
 Its Roots and Traditions

 10th Anniversary
 June 24 – June 27, 2015

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Wednesday, June 24, 7pm
Celebrating Our Musical Heritage
Matthew Szemela
Matthew Szemela, fusion violinist/violist, performs contemporary interpretations of classical composers and incorporates tradition Shaker music through his unique improvisational style. Matt joins the Portland String Quartet in Antonin Dvorak's Quintet Op.97. Tickets $20
Watch Matthew's 207 performance of Simple Gifts at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village
Thursday, June 25, 7pm
Land of Pure Delight
Kevin Siegfried
Composer Kevin Siegfried leads The Portsmouth Singers in a program of Shaker songs. Through research of original, historic Shaker hymnals and manuscripts, Siegfried presents to the public audience many songs that had previously disappeared from the Shakers’ repertoire along with songs still sung by the Shakers today. Brother Arnold Hadd shares insights about the Shaker songwriters, the motivation for the songs, and the application of the songs within Shaker life. Audience participation will be encouraged. The Portland String Quartet will perform Siegfried’s "Land of Pure Delight," a composition for string quartet based exclusively on Shaker songs and dances. Tickets $20
Friday Workshop Day, June 26, 3:30pm – 5pm
Learning to Perform
Learning to Perform
The Portland String Quartet coaches student string quartets as they bring scores to life and prepare for a culminating Master Class performance. Participants will perform chamber music selections from the classical era to the modern American repertoire. This student performance is offered FREE OF CHARGE to the general public but reservations are encouraged.
Friday evening, June 26, 7pm
Engaging the Spirit of Shaker Music
Chris Moore

This performance is the culmination of a multi-week workshop led by Chris Moore of 317 Main Community Music Center, in which students will have explored modern folk songwriting inspired by Shaker music in addition to other deep-rooted American folk music traditions. The students will perform their original compositions to demonstrate a musical and spiritual adaptation of Shaker song craft in contemporary expression. The performance will also feature contemporary and traditional songs and instrumentals performed on mandolin and guitar, including Chris' thought-provoking, original songs. The sound is that of a simpler time: an acoustic style of Americana music with 19th-century traditional American roots and influences. Tickets $20
Saturday, June 27, 2pm – 4pm
Singing Together in Full Voice
Maine Shape Note Singers

Similar to the Shakers’ alternative musical notation system of the 19th century, Shape Note musical notation was designed for congregational singing using a system of shapes in place of standard musical notation. The Maine Shape Note Singers will provide instruction and demonstration prior to an open sing-along of songs from the oldest music book in print in the United States, Sacred Harp, along with a selection of early Shaker songs adapted to the Shape Note tradition. This event is offered FREE OF CHARGE to the general public but reservations are encouraged.
Watch the Maine Shape Note Singers performing in the 1794 Meeting House at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village
Saturday, June 27, 7pm
Exploring Our Roots and Dreams
Portland String Quartet
While highlighting aspects of world renowned composers to contextualize 18th, 19th, and 20th century American music, the Portland String Quartet continues its 40-year-long history of performing in the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Meeting House. In addition to the Schubert Quartetsatz and Beethoven’s masterpiece Op.59, No.3, "Rasoumofsky," the Portland String Quartet will perform String Quartet No.1, "American Dreams," by Peter Schickele. Well known for his humorous invention of "P.D.Q. Bach," this work demonstrates the composer's gift for legitimate composition while celebrating a full palette of Americana. The concert concludes with an encore performance of “Simple Gifts” arranged by the Portland String Quartet. Tickets $20


Download full printable brochure by clicking here.

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